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Winners & Losers Showreel

Competitive EntertainmentAnd the competitor leaveing the show this week is...


From the competitive elements of 'Factual Entertainment' to out and out game shows. this showreel covers all elements of competitive TV. Examples range from 'The Apprentice', 'The Great British Bake-Off and 'Masterchef' to 'Millionaire', 'Deal Or No Deal' and Family 'Fortunes'. The music describes anticipation, tension, success and heroic (and hopefully incompetent) failure.

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1 Not The Baker's Apprentice [2:47] - David Gosnell Not The Baker's Apprentice [2:47] David Gosnell Synthesisers, strings, percussion, brass.
The time has come where one plucky competitor is going to have to make the long journey home. They gather exchanging anxious glances in the boardroom/kitchen - the tension rising as we remember their journeys so far. Then enters the decision maker (who has clearly brought the drum kit with them!) the tension (and emotion) rises to unbearable levels - more anxious glances, then ... silence
2 Twinkle Toes [1:06] - David Gosnell Twinkle Toes [1:06] David Gosnell Classical Orchestral
The little elves are hard at work in the toy workshop and the fairies flit around the flowers adding the morning dew. A solo celesta weaves a 'sugar plum fairy' dance above a string and woodwind, creating a magical and ethereal atmosphere. Perfect for Christmas, fairy tales or reality tv make-overs!
3 Cannibal's Tea Party [1:00] - David Gosnell Cannibal's Tea Party [1:00] David Gosnell String Quintet & Harp
A polite Society dinner with all the guests in tie and tails and entertained by a string quartet - but the menu is a little more sinister. Beautifully dressed zombies waltzing around the floor. Perfect for highlighting a graceful task performed by the clumsy or or repulsive. Ads, drama or lifestyle.
4 Septiq [2:20] - David Gosnell Septiq [2:20] David Gosnell Mixed Percussion / Acoustic / Electric Ensemble
Quirky ensemble piece in 7/4 with an upbeat groove. Edgy romantic or black comedy or children's fantasy drama. Fun, happy and festive with a twist. Lots of unusual percussion, driven by bongo/conga rhythm and jazz bass. Cool vibe for ads, corporate or film/tv.
5 Rescue Squad [1:33] - David Gosnell Rescue Squad [1:33] David Gosnell TV Orchestra miscellany of some sort
A unique military group; whether because they have special skills, are misfits, operate beyond the law or are posses a criminal wardrobe. They undertake covert missions and fire thousands of bullets without causing a single fatality. A blast from the 1980's where exploding cars made Saturday nights.
6 Unusual Fruit [2:26] - David Gosnell Unusual Fruit [2:26] David Gosnell Piano, Zither, Vibraphone, Violin, Woodwind, Strings & Sound Design
Some competitors are true eccentrics. This individual has a unique world view, which although perfectly rational to them, seems to us a little 'off'. This is their soundtrack.

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